Batik Cirebon

Batik Cirebon is marked with the existence of ornaments called “Mega” (=cloud) and “Wadasan” (= rock), showing the influence of Chinese culture on the court of Cirebon; that is why batik from this court always depicted such ornaments.
Beside the Chinese influence, motifs having wing ornaments show the influence of Hindu culture from the Mataram Kingdom. The most interesting thing about Batik Cirebon is its court design called “Paksi Naga Liman” (Paksi= bird, Naga= dragon, Liman= elephant) which depicts three cultures simultaneously, symbolizing a peaceful cooperation among these cultures, Islam, China/Buddha and Hindu, that live in harmony in the Cirebon area.
Other identifying marks of Batik Cirebon is the various shade of one color in its main ornaments and the ivory yellow color of the background or light yellow called the Cirebon yellow.
As its traditional color, there are soga brown, light blue and dark blue or black.