Batik Cina

Though the Chinese came to Java earlier than the European, the Chinese culture influence on batik appeared decades after the Dutch batik came into existence and made by the Chinese factories. Two kinds of batik Cina marked the development of this remarkable batik product.
The first is Batik Cina produced before 1910, which usually implemented ornaments taken from Chinese mythology such as Dragon, Phoenix, Lion, Kilin and also Gods and Goddess.
The first colors applied are red and blue, and the batik is called batik Bang Biru (Bang= red, Biru= blue).
The second are Batik Cina made after 1910, knowing that Batik Belanda is the most popular and wanted either by the Dutch community and also by theirs own society, the Chinese began to make batik resembling batiks produced by the Dutch. The designs were similar, but much more intricate, showing different shades of color in the motifs with beautiful fillings in the motifs as well as on the background.
For its market in the principalities batik Tiga Negeri and Dua Negeri also part of this second kind of batik Cina.