Batik Danar Hadi

A brilliant result of a hard work, either regarded from the aspect of the ability in creating designs, the success in its field, care and the will of preserving the art of batik or the impacts on the lives of the people involved, is not something that exists without struggle, diligence and sincerity.
In the middle of changes of times and environments, Batik Danar Hadi is always aimed to be able to survive within the turbulence of the batik trade.
The struggle, diligence and sincerity, beginning from three generations before, had resulted in works that worth of being recorded in the history of batik development in Indonesia.
Activities, concerning researches and developments, since this factory was a small scale industry until at last became a big batik industry, have been carried on from generation to generation. All kinds of batik created, developed under the influence of so many culture and environments become the main references of Danar Hadi`s Batik.
From the time when natural dyes were the only dyes available until the time when chemical dyes entered the world of batik, Batik Danar Hadi has been the only kind of batik which always appears with motifs and colors preferred by the Indonesian community.
Batik with the isen tanahan (background filling) and isen motif (motif filling) which are so fine and intricate, are part of the special character of Danar Hadi`s batik, beside the various creation of its motifs as the result of its capability in combining court batiks, so that court batiks made by Danar Hadi are always different than court batiks known before.
The processes applied always cover all kinds of batik processes.