Batik Kontemporer

Batik which is very responsive to absorb any kind of art forms, obviously can bring another kind of batik having motifs originated not from batik motifs but from forms brought by the painter’s inspiration.
This kind of “batik” actually cannot be called batik since the process of their production is quite different from those of the real batik.
It is much more a painting than batik that is why it is called batik painting, a painting made by applying batik technique.
In its further development, some artists depicted the isen batik (batik filling), and even traditional batik motifs decorated with gold leaf beside some scratches of a painting. These works are called Contemporary Batik (Batik Kontemporer). Up to this moment they are still being made by batik artists mostly from Yogyakarta, who live near the Water Castle, near the Bird Market and Prawirotaman street.
Famous names in this field are Soemihardjo, Bambang Oetoro, Amri Yahya, Bagong Koessoedihardjo, Tulus Warsito and SP. Gustami.