Batik Petani

Batik Petani is batik made by peasants or villagers. This batik shows the environmental
influence. Having stuck with the source, which is the traditional court motifs, this batik implements ornaments taken from nature, beautiful small plants, butterflies and little birds on backgrounds with batik fillings such as Ukel, Gringsing (fish scales), Galaran (wavy lines) and Blanggreng (Triangles) and court motifs such as Udan Liris (small rain), Limaran and Lereng Gebyar.
These become the characteristic of Batik Petani either from Yogyakarta (= also called Batik Rinen) or Surakarta. The colors of Batik Petani are dark blue, dark brown (in Surakarta a little
bit yellowish) and white/cream.
Batik Petani is made for kain, sarong and selendang, mainly used for carrying things.