Batik Indonesia

Combining batik ornaments of the principalities with the north coast batik techniques which applies varieties of colors created Batik Indonesia which came into existence in 1950.
This was the idea of Indonesia’s first president Ir. Soekarno and executed by Indonesian batik artist who really understood Bung Karno’s will to create batiks which really are able to depict batik having a soul of unity, unifying those two styles of batik which means that batik belongs to every Indonesian.
Further development of this Batik Indonesia emerged batik which put together the color of batik from the principalities with naturalistic ornaments using the cracking techniques called Batik Wonogiren. The famous motifs of this sort of batik are Api Revolusi (Revolution Fire), Cattleya, Seruni (Chrysanthemum), Pring Sedapur, Sandang Pangan and so on.
Batik Indonesia is produced for kain, sarong and selendang.