Batik Indramayu

Batik Indramayu is usually called “Batik Dermayon”, has two kinds of batik, Village Batik and Batik influenced by batik from the court, though Batik court’s influence is only depicted with “Sawat” (= one wing) ornament and diagonal motifs.
Batik Dermayon is marked with colored little dots spread on the background called “Cocohan” and only has two colors (dark blue/black and dark red on a white background), which formerly attamed from plants called Nila and Mengkudu.
There is no stamped batik in Indramayu and the waxing does not belong to the fine one.
Batik Dermayon is made for kain, sarong and selendang, which has always has fringes on each end. The famous village, producing Batik Dermayon is Paoman.