Batik Puro Pakualaman

The fusion caused by the environmental influence on batik, created a kind of batik which appeared after the royal marriage between H.R.H. Sri Paku Alam VII of Yogyakarta and the daughter of H.R.H. Sri Susuhunan Paku Buwono X, the King of Surakarta.
Some batik motifs of Puro Pakualaman resemble those of Kraton Yogyakarta and some look like batiks from Kraton Surakarta.
The influence of Kraton Surakarta however is much stronger, which reflected by the colors of batik Puro Pakualaman, which are yellowish brown, blue and cream.
A famous batik motif called “Paksi Manyuro” was created by one the nobilities of Puro Pakualaman.