Batik Sudagaran Surakarta

The use of court batik ornaments which was changed according to the taste of batik merchants/batik retailer/batik factory owners at that time become the mark of this special batik. The quality of the waxing became finer than the court batik since this people owned more highly skilled labor engaging in the waxing process, who usually lived inside the factories.
Batik Sudagaran was made when the need of batik inside the court increased, and it was impossible that batik was made only by the people inside the court. For this purpose same factories with high quality batik were called upon to do the job.
Batik Sudagaran of Surakarta has the same colors as its court batik; however other colors may also appear in Batik Sudagaran specially made for the haji’s families (green and violet). Batik Sudagaran is made for kain, sarong and selendang.